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our globally sourced fair-trade collection will help you create environments that appeal to your client's respective tastes and budgets, while a dedicated member of the team will assist you throughout your project.


It is a pleasure working with Tribe on projects! Thank you so much for replying so fast online, it is such a relief and is of great help to hear from you so promptly unlike other stores. I purchased some beautiful pieces and I am looking forward to a great reveal day with the client soon!
– Interior Designer, Dubai


Why choose us?

Enjoy trade access only benefits,with exclusive discounts and previews when shopping with us.

e  x  c  l  u  s  i  v  e    m  e  m  b  e  r

 d  i  s  c  o  u  n  t  s

You will enjoy preferred access to a broad range of products and styles at an exclusive price – available especially for our trade clients.

w  e    c  o  m  e    t  o    y  o  u

Want to introduce your design team to our Armadillo&Co rug range? We will come to your offices for a short presentation with over 40+ samples.

w  e    a  r  e    h  e  r  e    t  o    h  e  l  p

From inspiration to sourcing. Whether you need a room styled or have a large commercial project – our team can help organise from custom orders to large containers.

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Contact us to learn more about our products and how we can assist you.

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