OUR ethos

with our network of 1000’s of artisans extending over 25+ countries, we bring you an authentically unique collection of ethically-sourced products. we see the beauty and detail in their work and we care. we walk the talk and go the extra mile to ensure we know our communities of artisans and that they receive fair wages.

our products are meticulously handmade by artists who reflect generations of workmanship. each piece has a certain quality and energy each with a story to tell. 

photo credit : The Dharma Door

Photo courtesy of Ingrid Rasmussen


curated by australian designer,  jo england, tribe has an enchanting essence of natural beauty, evoking a coastal elegance with a global-chic edge.

jo’s career in design has taken her around the world extensively and tribe was born from her passion to collaborate beautiful interiors along with conceptual design and creativity.

this evolution came when jo re-designed a series of derelict homes in kuala lumpur, stripping them to their bare bones, flipping the layout upside down, exposing rafters, polished concrete floors, cantilevered plunge pools, indoor trees and sunken family rooms. every feature was handmade from kitchen tiles to barn doors.

jo’s passion for sustainability and creativity is the driving force behind our collection and has begun an awareness and understanding of who we are supporting and who’s life is affected by our choices.

photo credit : Ingrid Rasmussen for Architectural Digest Middle East


our studio is where all the magic happens. we aim to inspire and delight while reflecting a conscious lifestyle, and this passion is driven by the stories behind our products and the support we maintain with our artists and their communities. 

we are dedicated to providing personal customer service and our clients are welcome to join us at our warm space by appointment to discuss their projects. to chat with one of our interior designers email info@tribedubai.com 

for full customisation service of products, styling events, trade projects locally and abroad, retail stores, property developer projects, private events and tailored parties for trade and projects email sales@tribedubai.com 


our philosophy



we believe in social responsibility.

tribe supports

Tribe plants trees and supports reforestation

fundraise, volunteer and support this incredible initiative at onetreeplanted.org.

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tribe sponsors

tribe sponsors a
child from shanti bhavan orphanage

shantibhavanchildren.org is an orphanage that educates children from the lowest caste in India. Watch the incredible documentary of their story on Netflix ‘Daughters of Destiny.’ Shanti Bhavan empowers children from India’s lowest socio-economic class to break the cycle of generational poverty through education, leadership, and compassion.